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HTM Winter Update

By December 24, 2019News

Promoting the Profession

HTM Week: For your planning purposes, HTM Appreciation Week in 2020 will be May 17-23, 2020. Stay tuned for more information about HTM Week events after the new year.

HOSA: AAMI has initiated introductory conversations with the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) for a potential partnership. HOSA is an international student organization whose mission is to promote career opportunities in the healthcare industry and to enhance the delivery of quality healthcare. Its goal is to encourage all health science instructors and students to join and be actively involved in the Health Science Education-HOSA Partnership. HOSA has a state-run chapter in every state except for Wyoming and reaches 260K students annually – 85% of them are high school students.

Association Visits: AAMI staff attended the NCBA (Minnesota), VBA (Virginia), NESCE (New England), KAMI (Kentucky) and FBS (Florida) events in recent months. Thanks for having AAMI at your events! Upcoming commitments: CMIA (California), NYMCES (New York City), CEAI (Illinois), and HTMA-MW (Kansas City).

#IamHTM – The campaign continues to gain momentum, attracting the most engagement of any of AAMI’s social media posts. But we need your help. Please send us suggestions of HTM professionals who we can feature.

Ways for YOU to get involved:

  • Find your local HOSA chapter and see if you can present about HTM!
  • Send Danielle McGeary (dmcgeary@aami.org) and Gavin Stern (gstern@aami.org) names of professionals to feature for #IamHTM.

Personnel Pipeline Development

Student Scholarships: The AAMI Foundation has launched a “10 for the 10th” Scholarship campaign, announcing that we will award 10, $3,000 scholarships to HTM professionals in 2020 in honor of the scholarship program’s 10th anniversary. You can read about it here. Deadline to apply is Jan. 6, 2020.

HTM in a Box: AAMI has made promoting HTM to any age demographic easy! Everything you need to give a presentation about the field can we found at www.aami.org/HTMinaBox. If you missed our HTM in a Box Orientation webinar, you can watch it here. There is even a script to use for when contacting schools on the fly. Send us all our outreach photos and we will feature you.

Updated Career Brochure: We’ve published a new edition of the HTM Career Brochure, which was developed by the marketing team and HTM department. If you would like copies to hand out at career days, please email Danielle.

National BMET Apprenticeship: As pitched by Maggie Berkey at the HTM Shark Tank this year, AAMI is working with the US Department of Labor (DOL) to develop a National BMET Apprenticeship. A subset of the TMC has developed a curriculum for this program which is currently being circulated for review. The curriculum is based off AAMI’s Core Competency Guide and the CBET Outline. The BMET apprenticeship will allow professionals, new to HTM, to train on the job while having the curriculum’s required education paid for by their employer. This program will give individuals another entry point to the HTM field and will ensure employers are training new BMETs consistently and to a minimum standard.

Ways for YOU to get involved:

  • Encourage students to apply for AAMI Scholarships here.
  • Get out and promote HTM at your local schools! AAMI is here to help.

Elevating the Field

AAMI Awards: Just a reminder that the AAMI and AAMI Foundation are now accepting nominations for 2020 awards nominees. The deadline to submit is January 6, 2020. All information about awards can be found here.

HTM Standards Update: A major revision of AAMI’s flagship HTM Standard—EQ56 (Recommended practice for a medical equipment management program)—has been drafted and is currently available
for public review. Anyone wishing to participate in the public review should request a copy from Patrick Bernat at pbernat@aami.org. In addition, work on a new standard for HTM educational programs (EQ110) has been approved to move forward by the AAMI Standards Board. EQ110 will provide a framework and a baseline of rigor and quality to which HTM educational programs should adhere.

Ask the Joint Commission: Please submit all of your regulatory questions here and Herman McKenzie will answer them. AAMI will post the answer to one of your questions every Wednesday in the AAMI Members Connect group. A handful of questions will also be published in each upcoming issue of BI&T.

Ways for YOU to get involved:

  • Nominate an HTM standout for an award here.
  • Get involved on an AAMI Standards Committee by emailing bernat@aami.org
  • Submit regulatory questions for the “Ask the Joint Commission” segment here.